Flash your HTC S710 (VOX) to Windows Mobile 6.5

In an earlier article I wrote how to flash the S710 to a nice 6.1 Windows Mobile rom. Now the 6.5 version is out a German guy with the name frauhottelmann wrote a article on XDA Developers to flash your VOX to 6.5.

Below you can find the 6.5 version. (All the credits goes to frauhottelmann)

Download 6.5 ROM by frauhottelmann Two comments below told me that they cannot flash the ROM . So I search for the lastest version on XDA and mirror it on my blog. Here you can download the latest [ROM] WM 6.5 “Official” v1.0 [XIP/SYS 21854] (All the credits goes to frauhottelmann)

Happy flashing! 🙂

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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  • Abhilash R

    I am Abhilash
    i have HTC s710 Windows Mobile 6.0
    i downloaded the 65v11.exe from u r blog

    is any my existing memory can do upgrade
    what r the steps behind this
    is there any wasy to downgrade to 6.0

  • Hi Abhilash,

    Yes, you can always flash the original HTC S710 firmware back to restore your phone.
    More info about the rom you can find on the XDA Community forums. There is a direct link on this blog post.

    Hope this helps!


  • Any tips how do i do it? How i flash my phone because i don’t want to break it:D, thanks in advance.

  • Emma

    haw do we fixed it when the image file is corrupted

  • Hi Emma, I checked the file and everything works fine. Can you please explain what your problem is in detail?

  • Geert

    I encounter the same issue as Emma.
    I started the flash.exe and the procedure starts. Then after 3% the device turns off and an error (at the PC) is displayed: ‘Image file is corrupted’

    do you have any suggestion how to fix?


  • Hi Geert,

    I changed the article with the latest 6.5 ROM from frauhottelmann. If you have some troubles feel free to ask 😉

  • srefan

    er sagt mir immer image fehler 270

  • srefan

    error message 270 bitte um hilfe

  • bruxie

    For crist sake answer the f…ckn queation this shit is crushin at 3% how the fuck did you test it ?

  • bruxie

    ok guys im back.
    i solved the “3%” problem .it goes like this:
    1. Run SDA application unlock
    2. click remove lock
    3. go to VOX_USPL folder and run a batch file inside it (you will be required to press enter for a number of times)
    4. then go to you utility and run it !

    it worked Dr srefan thanks u fuckn good but nt as good as me!

  • @bruxie, tnx for your feedback. But please keep in mind that I host this blog for fun. I don’t have the S720 phone any more since a 5 years now so I can’t test this ROM and problems.