How to Secure Joomla Website

Joomla is a powerful content management system that helps to build the customized online applications, portals and websites. Joomla provides powerful solutions small business websites, community-based portals, jobs portals, news portals, e-commerce websites, auction websites, magazines, non-profit organizations and personal websites.  The real power of the Joomla in its application framework and there are thousands of developers that are creating the powerful add-ons, components and modules for Joomla.

Security is the major concern of every business owner online and there multiple security related components in Joomla for the user authentication, user management, backup, site security, captcha, content restriction and others. The basic Joomla package is secure and people find no problem in installing and running the application.  But sometimes, there is enhanced security features are required to secure the Joomla applications. There are some great third party components that can be used to secure your Joomla website.

Here are some best Joomla security related tips.

  • Rename the Joomla Admin account.
  • Always keep your Joomla website updated.
  • Make sure that your configuration.php file is not writable.
  • Change the files permissions CHMOD (644 for files, 755 for directories).
  • Check the vulnerabilities and the corrupt files by using the Joomla Diagnostic tools.
  • Use Strong password.
  • Backup your Joomla application periodically with good backup tools.

Below is the brief overview of some of best security related components of Joomla.

Site Security

Protect Configuration File
Protect Configuration File is component that is used to enhance the security of the Joomla configuration file.

jFireWall EndPoint Protection – Anti hacker

If you are seriously considering preventing the hackers’ attacks and increasing the secure of your website then jFireWall EndPoint Protection – Anti hacker is a good option for you.

JDefender – Ultimate Joomla Protection

JDefender is ultimate Joomla protection component that projects the Joomla from the SQL injection and PHP injections.

User Authentication


RegistrationBlocker is a system that allows you to block certain usernames from being registered.

Secure Registration

Secure Registration is another important component of Joomla that allow the users to register securely.


JoomlaPack – AJAX powered backup and restore

It is an open source backup component that creates the site backup that can be restored on any Joomla capable server.

Jombackup daily mysql backup bot
It takes the daily backups of the MySQL and sends it to the email of your choice.  There are plenty of configuration options available but the default options are enough to use this component efficiently.


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