Terminal server memory solutions

Many terminalservers have an memory problem. You easily can write a fix for it with a simple but powerful Windows 2003 server resource kit tool.

  • Then copy empty.exe from the resource kit to c:\scripts\freemem or something
  • Write a batch file c:\scripts\freemem\freemem.bat

Example batch file:

@echo off

c:\scripts\freemem\empty.exe iexplore.exe
c:\scripts\freemem\empty.exe outlook.exe
c:\scripts\freemem\empty.exe winword.exe

Run this script every 30 minutes en you have al lot of extra memory to spent 🙂

Also add the /PAE to your boot.ini to get 700mb extra (if you have 4 gig of ram). See this support article

Good luck!

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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