Flash your HTC S710 (VOX) to Windows Mobile 6.5

In an earlier article I wrote how to flash the S710 to a nice 6.1 Windows Mobile rom. Now the 6.5 version is out a German guy with the name frauhottelmann wrote a article on XDA Developers to flash your VOX to 6.5.

Below you can find the 6.5 version. (All the credits goes to frauhottelmann)

Download 6.5 ROM by frauhottelmann Two comments below told me that they cannot flash the ROM . So I search for the lastest version on XDA and mirror it on my blog. Here you can download the latest [ROM] WM 6.5 “Official” v1.0 [XIP/SYS 21854] (All the credits goes to frauhottelmann)

Happy flashing! 🙂

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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