Install Meego on Dell Mini 9 with Wireless support

By default Meego 1.0 does not support the wireless broadcom chipset from the dell mini 9. I will explain how you can install Meego as netbook OS for your mini 9 with wireless 🙂

  • First download Meego
  • Then use Win32DiskImager.exe to create a bootable USB stick with the Meego image
  • Install Meego
  • Use the following procedure to fix the wireless:

Instructions (tnx LostLogic @ Dell Forum):
Go to the applications tab, and type Terminal. Launch it

$ sudo yum install rpmdevtools
$ sudo yum groupinstall “Development Tools”
$ sudo yum install kernel-netbook-devel

Restart the notbook after the kernel is installed.

Download the 32-bit package from this site and put it in your home/download dir – 802.11 Linux STA driver

$ cd Downloads
$ mkdir hybrid_wl
$ cd hybrid_wl
$ tar xvzf /home/YOURUSERNAME/Downloads/hybrid-portsrc-x86_32-v5.60.48.36.tar.gz
$ make clean
$ make

You might get a warning during the make build. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the later steps!

$ modprobe lib80211
$ sudo insmod wl.ko

Welcome to WiFi MeeGo!

We might want the driver to load every time we boot up MeeGo, so let’s do the following!
$ sudo cp wl.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
$ sudo depmod -a

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