Install Thawte SSL Webserver or Wildcard (the Quick way)

After you successfully installed a web or wildcard SSL certificate you must follow some extra steps.

  • First download this zip with 2 SSL certificates
  • Extract the zip e.g. C:\install\ssl
  • Start > run > mmc > file> add/remove snap in > certificates > local computer >computer account > Intermediate Certification Authorities > right click certificates > import

Then disable the old certificate

  • Expand Trusted Root Certification Authorities > certificates
  • Locate this certificate:

Common Name – thawte Primary Root CA
Expiry Date – 17th July 2036
Thumbprint – 91 c6 d6 ee 3e 8a c8 63 84 e5 48 c2 99 29 5c 75 6c 81 7b 81

  • disable it completely

When the SSL not exist, please follow this steps:

  • Download this zip
  • Install it here: Trusted Root Certification Authorities > certificates
  • Disable the certificate

I used this website as source:

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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