Create Acer custom recovery CD

My neighbour give me his old laptop  because he have a lot of problems with it. But he gives me only one crappy unbooteble XP cd. After some searching I found on a CD2 Recover image file but the IMG / ghost  file was password protected. I will write down the steps here to create a new recovery cd.

What do you need:

  1. Nlite (google)
  2. Ghost explorer (Google)

Steps to extract the I386

  1. First start Ghost explorer
  2. Click File > open > select *.*
  3. Browse to the CD and select the ACER\IMAGE\WXPNLPER.IMG
  4. Password: aim1r8
  5. Extract the I386 to a temp folder

Steps to create a CD

  1. Start nlite
  2. Import the i386 folder
  3. When you missing some files you can use this url:
  4. Click on Unattended
  5. Click on Bootable CD
  6. Click on next twice
  7. Insert a blank cd and direct burn it

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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