Create a BartPE bootable USB stick


– USB Stick
– BartPE CD (or BartPE source)
– Download Bootable USB-Drive Utility @
– Download WinUSB_FULL Patcher @

1. Extract Bootable USB-Drive
2. Open Config_SourcePath.cmd
3. REM set SourcePath=”..\BartPE”
4. set SourceCD=G: where G: the cd-rom drive is with the BartPE CD
6. Format and create the USB drive
7. Close the utillity en extract de WinUSB_FULL Patcher
8. Run the patcher on the USB drive (root)

The patcher patch the file. When you don’t run the patcher you will get a 0x0000007b BSOD when you boot from the BartPE USB.


Author: Thomas Faddegon

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