Automatically download series with RSS (ShowRSS) and Synology

I want the latest tvseries series automatically downloaded. There are plugins like couchpotato and sickbeard. Problem with these tools is that you must (semi) hack your synology nas to get this working.

Synology has the option to download automatically trough RSS. So I did a dive in to this option and I worked it out for you 😉

What do you need:

After you create an account at select the series you want to download and click “Add to my list”

showrss series overview

After that click on the feeds button and select the type of RSS you want to generate. I like HD versions and I also want to download a proper repack when the first edition have some audio and video problems

showrss generate rss

Click on generate and copy the RSS feed URL. (If you want to test the url and you use Firefox it looks like the feed is empty but when you use chrome instead you see the output.)

showrss copy url

Now login to your Synology NAS and open the download station. Click on RSS feeds and then on the blue plus button

synology add rss

Paste the RSS feed URL in to the field and don’t press the download automatically option

synology add rss url

Now click on the download filter tab an click add. Fill in these fields:

synology save location

Now when the new tv series releases on the bittorent network your download started automatic .

Have fun and don’t forget to click the donate button on the ShowRSS site if your like their website.

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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