Build your own speedtest with iperf

When you have network performance issue’s you often use speed test websites to check the network bandwidth. But mostly of the time you want to monitor the network bandwidth between two specific servers. There is a cross platform speed test utility you can use to monitor the bandwidth. The name of the tool is iperf

How it works:

  • Download the tool:
  • Extract the tool in a folder and jump to the folder with the command line
  • start the tool on the server with this command: iperf -s

iperf server

  • Start the tool on the remote client iperf -c IPSERVER -r
  • The tool first try an upload from the client and then a download from the client

iperf client

If you have any connection problems with iperf try temporary turn of you firewall on both server and client. You can also play with different window sizes with the iperf -c IPSERVER -r -w 40000

For a lot of tips and tricks (even a graphical interface called jperf) check:

Happy troubleshooting 😀

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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