Android LOGD battery drain

Pfff I’ve had a battery drain for weeks on my Oneplus device (you know that your phone battery drains faster than you would expect). But that drain was not visible in the android battery overview.

I had already installed an app (betterbattrystats) that give you more information about the drain. With betterbatterystats I found out that logd could be the issue, but logd is a log service so it should not be a root cause.

So I found out that you could just start a task manager (top) from the Android debug tools. What seems; the youtube music app was draining my battery. Even though I don’t even use it. You can’t delete that app either so I forced stopped it and now everything is quiet.

Really wtf; I am a tech guy and have to put in so much effort to figure this out. How many people don’t have the same issues but just accept it?

How can you fix this?

  • First install ADB
  • Put your phone in development mode
  • Start top
adb shell top -m 20 -d 2

Here you can see the logd and the

To figure out what PID 9036 is

adb shell ps | grep 9036

And voila; the root cause…. Youtube music

So I turned off the Youtube app and now everything looks nice!

Please google don’t hide you shitty services from the android battery overview!

Happy debugging!

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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