Debug and Fix Android battery drain (system_server)

I previously write an article about a logd battery drain:

But you can also have an system_server battery drain. With some easy debug steps you can find the root cause of this drain.

  • First install ADB
  • Put your phone in development mode
  • Start “adb shell”
  • Start “top”

If you have an high system_server CPU than check the PID.

Note: In my screenshot it is already fixed. But this was 30~35% CPU

In my case the PID is 1756. So now we can check logcat to find out what the reason is of the high CPU.

logcat | grep 1756

In this example you see signal is eating some CPU

With this information you can remove all the apps that is eating your CPU. In my case these apps drained my battery:

  • Spotify
  • Teams
  • MS Drive
  • Oneplus Weather

Happy debugging 🙂

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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