iptraf-ng: A Lightweight Yet Powerful Alternative to TCPDump and Wireshark

Iptraf-ng stands out as an excellent alternative to Wireshark and tcpdump, offering a robust set of features for comprehensive network traffic analysis. This versatile tool gathers a wide range of information, including TCP connection details, interface statistics, and TCP/UDP traffic breakdowns.

Its key features make it a compelling choice:

  1. IP Traffic Monitoring:
    • Provides real-time insights into IP traffic across your network.
  2. Detailed Interface Statistics:
    • Displays comprehensive statistics on IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, non-IP packets, and more.
  3. TCP and UDP Service Monitoring:
    • Monitors incoming and outgoing packets for commonly used TCP and UDP application ports.
  4. LAN Statistics Module:
    • Identifies active hosts on the LAN, offering data activity statistics.
  5. Protocol Display Filters:
    • Enables users to customize displays for specific protocols like TCP, UDP, and others.
  6. Logging Capabilities:
    • Allows for the logging of network activity, facilitating detailed analysis.

As a user-friendly and efficient network monitoring tool, iptraf-ng presents itself as a valuable alternative to Wireshark and tcpdump. Its capabilities make it particularly well-suited for those seeking a reliable solution for network analysis and troubleshooting. The example screenshot of the IP traffic monitor underscores its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, positioning iptraf-ng as a commendable choice in the realm of network monitoring tools.

Author: Thomas Faddegon

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