Spotify: Find a playlist based on a track

I know for sure you have a track in your spotify playlist and you want more like that kind of music. There is a way to find all the public spotify playlists based on fans like yourself. Spotify unfortunately don’t have a solution, ut with a smart google search you find what you need 😀

The google search you can try is: “track artist” playlist

Example: “do it rootkit” playlist


Create a spotify playlist from your favorite radio station

It’s can be hard to find a decent spotify playlist. I thought it must be possible to create a playlist from all of the yesterday tracks of my favourite dutch radio station 3FM. I will describe the steps you must take to create the playlist.

The software you need is notepad++. The editing in this article can be done with other editors also but notpad++ has a macro recorder to repeat some actions really quickly.

First you need to find a website which have a full playlist from the radio station. I found one here

Then you need to copy the list to you clipboard.


Past the copied date in to notepad++


Start the macro recorder an cut of all the garbage of the first line and hop to the second line. TIP: Use CRTL+SHIFT for the selections

start record

clean first line

stop recoriding

Replay the macro

notepad replay macro

run macro multiple tmes

Now you have a clean list
clean list

Go to > import your playlist > click copy & past > past the new list in, select “Only include original performances”, select your country for better matching and press the upload button.

ivy import

Now let ivy to their magic

ivy magic

Click on the image to copy the new playlist to your clipboard

ivy copy clipboard

Create a new spotify playlist and import the tracks with CTRL+V

spotify past list

Happy listening 🙂