[Wii] Disable Update check Wii


Here you can find the starfall homebrew application. With this software you can skip the  required Wii update’s in games.


  1. Extract the app in SD\APPS\
  2. Start HBC
  3. Start the starfall
  4. Press multiple times on B+1 (NOT B+2)
  5. Disable the update check
  6. Have fun!

When you have 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2 you can use startpatch if you use 3.4 or 3.6 you must upgrade or downgrade your Wii Firmware.

[Wii] Update Shopping Channel without Wii upgrade (3.x, 4.0 and 4.1)

Nintendo give the Opera Wii browser for free now. But when you start the Shopping channel on a softmodded Wii you must update your Wii software first. Because you have a soft/hard mod you don’t want that.

  1. First download this packages (DOPIOS and WiiSCU)
  2. Extract the both apps to the SD\APPS\ folder
  3. Start DOPIOS from the HBC and update/download IOS61 (the one for the shopping channel)
  4. Start WiiSCU from the HBC and update the shopping channel
  5. Now you can start the shopping shopping channel from the main screen.

Other info about both apps you can find on Wiibrew.org. Happy hacking!!!

[Wii] How to patch “New Super Mario Bros”

1) Download This Package
2) Run the “MakeKeyBin.exe”
3) Open WiiScrubber, and select your ISO
4) Search for the main.dol -> right click -> Extract
5) Open PPF-Patcher, choose the main.dol for input and the PPFf-Patch for your region, and klick apply.
This is the patched main.dol that you can use for alt.dol-Loading. If you want to patch the ISO, read further.
6) Back in WiiScrubber, search again for the main.dol, right klick -> Replace and select the patched main.dol


USB Loaders for Wii (and howto dump your games to USB HD)

My Wii has a lot of troubles readings copied disk. I think this is because of a crappy modchip. I will recommend everyone a softmod instead of an chip. If you have hardware troubles with your softmod you can remove all the softmod installations and go back to nintendo and let them repair your harware.

This weekend I’ve connected an old external USB IDE disk to my Wii and dumped  all my ISO’s, Game Copies and original DVD’s  to the disk. Now every thing works fine 😀

What you need:

1. A Wii that’s already softmodded with the CIOS 249 Rev 14 (<< tested)
2. An external IDE disk (I had al lot of trouble with an new 2,5″ WD SATA Disk.
3. Configurable USB Loader for dump your DVD’s (Download)
4. WBFS Manager (http://wbfsmanager.codeplex.com/)
5. USB Loader GX (http://usbloadergx.koureio.net/downloads)

The steps:

1. Download, Install and Run the WBFS Manager on your Windows pc
2. Attach a dedicated USB disk to your pc
3. Format the disk with the WBFS Manager to the WBFS (filesystem)
4. You can extract some downloaded ISO’s to your USB disk now
5. Connect your USB disk in the left -or- down USB port on your Wii
6. Start the USB Loader GX on your Wii trough the homebrew channel
7. When disk the is mount correctly you can run the games now. If you need the 002 fix you can set this in the load settings of the specific game.

When you want to complete your collection with all your Wii DVD’s:

1. Extract the Configurable USB Loader files to your SD
2. Start the Configurable USB Loader via the homebrew channel
3. Press the + button on the Wiimote
4. Press the A button after the disk is read
5. Have patience 🙂

Now you can play the games with the one of the two USB loaders.

Some Video’s and screenshots:

1. WBFS Manager
2. USB Loader GX

3. Configurable USB Loader