Setup ADB and Fastboot with Android SDK on Mac OSX


Download Android SDK (original article @

Download and extract Android SDK from to your desktop

Browse to Tools and double click “android”. It will open up a terminal window and load the SDK.

Install packages

Here go to “Available Packages” and select what you want to download. I selected everything. Wait for the packages to download and install.

Set the Path

Next you need to update the PATH for tools/ and platform-tools/ folder. To do this you need to edit your ~/.bash_profile (create it if you don’t already have one). Add the following two lines

export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/(username)/Desktop/android-sdk/tools
export PATH=${PATH}:/Users/(username)/Desktop/android-sdk/platform-tools

Download Fastboot

Now go to scroll to the middle of the page and download Fastboot binary for OSX. Because HTC host no longer the fastboot binary you can download the version on my blog. Unzip it and place it in /tools/


Now your all set for ADB and Fastboot

Tnx for the article!

To check if your fastboot works you can start your terminal and cd /Users/(username)/Desktop/android-sdk/tools
then run ./fastboot-mac devices

When you some output you are connected. Happy modding!! 🙂

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